Diet and Health

The human body is like a motor car, needs fuel. Like brand of gasoline with different octave number, food differ from each other by kaloriynostiPischa in the human body is converted into energy that goes into maintaining the vital functions, as well as providing important processes of growth and tissue repair, as in our lives is a constant update cells in the body. To overeating does not lead to obesity, it is necessary to normalize the amount of food that your body needs. Many beloved by children and adults, the products contain the necessary set of nutrients and vitamins to zdorovya.U people keen on a diet, it may be anorexia nervosa. It is characterized by an aversion to food, marked weight loss, constipation alternating with diarrhea and hypersensitivity to the appearance or change nastroeniya. Esli properly adjust your diet, can provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. However, it is not recommended to exclude meat, eat more eggs or cheese. Protein sources may be nuts, legumes and cereals. You may need to take extra vitamin B12 as well as most of it is contained in myase.No if you are going to quickly lose weight categorically, it is recommended that you eat about 1, 000 calories a day. Eliminate from your diet fatty foods, eat more raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, meat and cereals. Try to limit your intake of salt and sugar. Moderately drink alcohol because it promotes appetite.